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Naturally ranched in the Adriatic´┐Ż@ToroCro Maguro


About ToroCro

"ToroCro Maguro" is grown in the nutrient-rich, natural environment of the Adriatic cost of Croatia.
By lovingly raising locally caught tuna in a stress-free and well-managed environment for close to 3 years,
"ToroCro Maguro" obtains its extremely fine and delicate taste that melts on your toungue.


Charm of ToroCro


The Adriatic

The Adriatic coast of Croatia, located on the Balkan Peninsula, has been well-known since Roman times for its rich fishing grounds.
Rivers pouring nutrient-filled streams from the mountains into the many bays, the complex coastline harbours the perfect environment for sea life.
The Adriatic sea is a world-known trove of fising grounds.

Method of raising

Narutally ranched

Our Bluefin Tuna is sea-grown, in a carefully managed nature-like environment.
Swimming at ease in plentiful space, eating only natural fish of the highest quality, our tuna is "naturally ranched" for close to 3 years, to perfect quality.



Everyday of a ToroCro Maguro on our farm, from catch to delivery is fully managed. Even all feed, one of the most important factors for ranching, is fully recorded from time of catch and storage to day of feeding.
By fully data-managing everything, we make sure to deliver safe tuna to our customers, that can be relied upon.

About taste

Ultimate taste

The taste of "ToroCro Maguro" is characterized by its fine and delicate taste that melts on your tongue.
Widely approved by Japanese specialists, who know their tuna more than anybody else, ToroCro Maguro will fill you with joy.


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